Language Instructor – AFCC Indigenous Language Revitalization Program

Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary – Fixed Term Contract until March 31, 2019

Language Instructor – AFCC Indigenous Language Revitalization Program

(3 positions – Language Teacher in (1) Blackfoot (2) Cree (3) Michif)

About the Centre and the AFCC Indigenous Language Revitalization Program

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary (AFCC) is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide social, cultural, education and employment services to the Aboriginal community within the Calgary Metropolitan area. AFCC plays a regular and significant role in the daily lives of our members providing resources and programming for our children, our youth, our elderly, our members who are in need and our homeless; enabling access to cultural and spiritual care; offering referrals for suitable housing, food, clothing, pursuit of education, skill development and training; and building a resourceful Aboriginal community.

AFCC’s non-profit family is an expression of how we live, what we value, where we turn for comfort and where we turn when in need. As part of its mission, and in alignment with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action (2015), AFCC supports our community in the maintenance, preservation and restoration of our culture through training, programming and advocacy. As a self-governed non-profit organization that delivers services to the Indigenous community, our mandate drives us to create an all-inclusive community where all members feel valued, respected and empowered.

In direct alignment with the vision of the AFCC and our community partners we are constantly looking for better ways to service our community and enhance the lives of the members of our community. In order to better serve our community, the AFCC in collaboration with the Minister of Canadian Heritage are initiating a AFCC Indigenous Language Revitalization Program that will enable delivery of language camps in three language: Blackfoot, Cree and Michif. The initiative will also develop and deliver language instruction booklets to camp leaders and participants.
As part of this new initiative, we are currently looking for individuals to fill three roles as language instructors in the camp. In order for our program to succeed we need committed members with experience in Aboriginal programming, are fluent in one of the three languages and who model traditional Aboriginal culture, teachings and the way of life within their own lives.

Job Specifics

This is a contract position for each language- Blackfoot, Cree, and Michif. Hourly rate and details will be discussed with the successful candidate.

(3 positions – Language Teacher in (1) Blackfoot (2) Cree (3) Michif)

Position: Language and Cultural Programming Coordinator

About the Position: The revitalization and integration of Indigenous language and culture is imperative to the Indigenous community. The Language instructor supports the maintenance, restoration and preservation of our languages, specifically Blackfoot, Cree and Michif, through language camps, classes and an online –learning platform. As the Language Instructor, your mission is to create best practice learning activities, curriculums and resources to provide comprehensive resources in Aboriginal language and culture to our community.


  • Develop competency based language and cultural programming for camps, classes and online.
  • Design and develop 30 copies of a 60-page illustrated instructor’s handbook for language immersion in intermediate to advanced Cree, Blackfoot, Michif and translated in English, to be used as a resource for two types of participatory activities in the three Indigenous languages: 56 hours of camp leader training to 30 adult participants at the intermediate level; and 180 hours of partial language immersion camp to 45 children and youth at the beginner and intermediate levels. The handbook will also be made available online.
  • Teach students using lessons, discussions, audio-visual presentations and field trips;
  • Participate in staff meetings and teacher training workshops.
  • Plan, deliver, and coordinate a language program that is optimal for the language learning and that reflects current teaching practices in Alberta.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of students.
  • Develop and maintain an equitable and inclusive learning environment.
  • Supervision of students as assigned.
  • Deliver Aboriginal language camps, classes to youth, including indoor/outdoor education opportunities.
  • Lead language immersion and cultural activities: traditional camp, cultural and teaching activities, all immersed in Indigenous language usage.
  • Combination of educational program development/Aboriginal language and/or cultural programming, group facilitation and coaching is required.
  • Report directly to the Executive Director as requested, report to the camp coordinator weekly on progress, development, measurement and outcomes.
  • Model traditional Aboriginal teachings and culture through relationships, community building, teaching and within the AFCC community.
  • Represent the AFCC, its vision and the program with other community organizations and partners.
  • Qualifications

  • Diploma or degree in an education related field or Aboriginal studies or equivalency.
  • Fluency in the Aboriginal language (Blackfoot and/or Cree and/or Michif) with experience teaching the language.
  • Experience and knowledgeable of culture and traditions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Some educational and/or teaching experience required.
  • Self-starter and comfortable working in a team environment, but able to perform independently.
  • Experience or knowledge of Aboriginal program development, particularly in an urban environment.
  • Experience or knowledge of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the importance of healing for our community through our culture, traditions and teachings.
  • Respects and values equity, inclusiveness and diversity of communities and individuals.
  • Ability to work in an ethically accountable manner and to promote cultural inclusion.
  • Passionate about providing programming that will enhance the lives of our community, promote healing of our community and provide teaching, maintenance and preservation of our language and culture.
  • Important note: please indicate in your resume which language you are fluent in and applying for. Email your resume to by 4pm on August 9, 2018.